Rod Kozikowski Bio


1st Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

August 31st

Guitars:  Ibanez
Amp:   Peavey 5150
Cab:  Peavey 4×12
Effects: Furman Pedal Board, Metal Core,  Korg tuner, Digitech DD-20, ErnieBall Jr.
Supernatural Reverb and Multi-Chorus, ISP Decimator2, BOSS FV-50

My Story

No pops and whistles here but nevertheless, still a story of victory for the kingdom of Christ. I grew up in a Catholic home knowing of God and who He was. Usually I went to church on Saturday nights with my grandmother, I guess so we could sleep in on Sundays,  I don’t know. As a kid, I remember sitting on the steps of a church at the end of my street. I thought God seemed a little closer there, but that was all I knew. Now fast forward about 20 years.

My Uncle was a rocker, played the Bass. He became a Christian and would witness to me when he had the chance. I started working out with a friend (my now brother-in-law) and he too was a Christian.  Note to reader: be that friend to someone who is lost. They never got “Jesus freaky” on me so I was cool with what they had to say and it was usually about music. Music was and is a major part of my life.

I lived about 15 or 20 blocks from my friends house, so he would give me christian bands to listen too for my walk home. One band that the Lord used to grab hold of my heart was Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart. Every song just seemed to tug at my heart strings and made me really look at myself. One song in particular was the song “More”. The first verse and chorus went like this:  “Break my heart and change my mind, cut me loose from ties that bind, lead me as I  follow you, give me strength to follow through, oh more, I wanna be more like Jesus. More of Jesus – less of me, by His power – I will be, like a flower – in the spring, brand new life in everything.”

Wouldn’t you know it, that band was coming in concert in my town.  I was actually getting nervous cause I knew the Lord was working on me. At the concert, lights go dim and they walk out on stage with acoustic guitars. I knew this was the song that would break me. My eyes started to fill with water (that’s a guys way of saying, I was balling like a baby) and my heart was beating out of my chest. By the end of the song, it was as if I had cried my “old self” right out. I had surrendered my life over to Christ that moment. It was a very peaceful feeling to say the least.

Now at this point I was thinking, ‘oh great, Jesus and metal just don’t seem to mix to well’. Enter in STRYPER! Thank you Lord!  Jesus said “ oh yes we do” Hahahaha Needless to say, it took me 20+ years of being  patient and waiting on the Lord to bless me with a band of guys who Love the Lord and put the “ministry” before the music – Enter in Promise Land.  And the story continues……