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Finally, the long awaited album Promise Land arrived. The band from Pittsburgh was founded in 1997 as an acoustic duo, but gradually transformed into a symphonic progressive metal band.

After the spherical opening In The Beginning Promise Land continues with the strong instrumental title track Harmony In Ruins. Striking is the layered sound of full riffs, supporting orchestral synthesizers and a whole load of solos. The band has come a long way since the release of their first demo.

We first hear some vocals at the third track. C.I.U. begins fragile with just some piano and vocals until the wall of symphonic sound is unleashed. The song has a nice subtle arrangement.

–“Finally, the long awaited album Promise Land arrived..”

Going on with the solid rocker The Piper Illusion and instrumental orchestral song Leviathan’s voyage we arrive at probably the two best tracks on the album. First of all, the wonderful song Before The Dawn, a song about suicide and the message of hope, which shows that Promise Land is capable of creating both powerful rock songs and beautiful ballads. The album continues with Hiding Place, a song that tells the powerful story of Corrie ten Boom. The production of the album version is so much better than the 2010 version. The album works slowly towards a conclusion with Holy, a track with a great worship character, then come to an end with the instrumental outro Eclipse.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides as well. Like the orchestral synthesizers that in some cases are a bit dominant in my opinion and both bonus don’t add much to the album. I would have preferred an acoustic version instead of an instrumental version of the Hiding Place. Yet Promise Land should be proud of this release. Harmony In Ruins is a solid album.

Reviewed by: CCM Focus; Sieto Kooijker

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