Review by: NoLifeTilMetal

Promise Land: Harmony in ruins is the name of the album. This album is brand new, 2014 release… It’s Fantastic!A couple opf years ago I recieved a demo CD by the same band, Promise Land, and I reviewed it. I thought it was pretty good. It wasn’t ‘great’ but it was good and showed a lot of ‘Promise’ and that’s what I wrote in the review.

Having reviewed the previous release, the band sent me this cd to review as well and Oh My Goodness, what a difference. This band is now Fantastic!I describe it as symphonic power metal. It kind of reminds me of Savatage: Dead Witner Dead or some of the heavier Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Very symphonic with a lort of Orchestration, but there’s also the heavy guitars and heavy riffs. Again, in that Savatage vibe, not that they are clones at all, just in that kind of style.

The vocals are in mid-range. The lyrics are very much in the Christian realm. Some of the songs are very deep and even emotionally gutwretching. Again, it’s a great Great album!

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