C.I.U. – The Music Video – Coming Soon

That’s right!  We’re kicking off the new line-up with an official music video for C.I.U..   As a band of story-tellers, this video is visually powerful and has exceeded our expectation 10x over.
We cannot wait to release the video in November 2015!!

Changes on the Horizon

We are very excited to announce Promise Land’s newest member – Shawn Naeser! Shawn will be taking over the position as Promise Land’s drummer! Visit our Bio Page to learn more about Shawn. Promise Land – Members

Worldwide support!

As a result of making the Top 10 on many magazines and indie Radio shows, ‘Harmony in Ruins’ continues to gain worldwide support!

Promise Land – ‘Harmony in Ruins’ – Album of the Year

We are beside ourselves by the outpouring of support. Promise Land – ‘Harmony in Ruins’ makes album of the year. Click to scroll through.
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Album Review from Progwereld | Holland

A review from Progwereld – One of Holland’s leading progressive secular music websites. By: Mario van Os
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