1997: The Beginnings

-Believe it or not, Promise Land began as an acoustic rock duo when Founder, David Michael, decided to create this project with high school friend, Alex Coyne.
-The project was only to be considered as a temporary means to minister through music while a search continued for members to form the ‘actual’ metal band, which was to be called “Revelation”.

1998: DRT

-By ‘98 Promise Land was well on their way playing many local venues and festivals and opening for many touring bands. They realized quickly that there was a need for a studio recording and so they teamed up with Shark Attack Studio to release their first E.P. titled, “DRT”.
-Before long they brought in long-time friend, Eric Popp on bass. The, now acoustic trio, began gaining attention for their unique acoustic-rock progressive sound and was featured on a live radio airing on Word FM (Salem Communications).

1999: Time to Plug In

-While playing an outdoor show in Pittsburgh Downtown ‘Market Square’, the band met drummer Alan Mosovsky, who was impressed by their unique sound and showed interest in playing with the guys.
-Shortly afterwards a youth show was booked that targeted a heavy metal crowd.  Unbeknownst to Alan, Promise Land was looking to form a four-piece  heavy metal  band. The guys called Alan, a ‘jam session’ was set up, and Alan quickly became Promise Land’s full time drummer.
-The guys quickly turned all their acoustic songs   into ‘metal/hard rock’ versions for this upcoming show.
-This debut of Promise Land’s new line-up and sound was very well received by the crowd and it launched the beginnings of a new era for the band.
-Promise Land quickly became a staple in the local underground scene, being asked to play at many  festivals, youth events and headline many shows.


2000: Revelation

-With growing support, the band hit the studio once again, to record their first full-length album, which was to be titled, “Revelation”.

2001 – 2002: Changes are coming

-In late 2000, due to time constraints, Alan and Eric parted ways with Promise Land. This also put a halt to the album and “Revelation” was never publicly released.
-Enter in Gary Bova. Gary had been a close long-time friend of David’s since high school and joined as PL’s official bassist in 2001.
-With the studio album having been dropped and line-up changes happening, David decided to take the band in a new musical direction. It was one that he had always wanted to explore with a band musically – Symphonic Metal. Before long, Orchestration, heavy guitar grooves, and creative lyrics came to be the sound of the new Promise Land.

2003 – 2004: Round 3

-After taking this time to create their new sound, the search for a drummer began. In late 2003, enter in Eric Bowser, finalizing the new line-up as Promise Land’s official drummer.
-Rehearsals began in 2004 and Promise Land was back on the road for round 3.


2005 – 2006: DEMO

-The band was in need of a demo to reflect their new sound for booking venues. With no budget for a studio recording, it was decided to make a low budget home recording with a small self-contained recording unit. There was no means of recording real drums at the time and so a drum machine was used. It was originally intended for demo use only to book shows and raise funds for an actual full-length studio album (hence the name DEMO). However, as more PL supporters began asking for a cd at shows they decided to make it an official release to the public in 2005.
-With the public release of the DEMO the band gained a growing national and international support base via the internet, being featured on many Christian rock and metal websites. Their song “Christ In Us” was also selected as TOP 10 in the 2006 Kingdom Bound International Talent Search.

2007-2008: Live Energy

-The band continued playing and building a strong following with talks of a full-length studio album. While the e.p. helped the band, due to the low production, the real energy and sound was found in their live shows. The need for a good quality recording was growing, but more changes were coming.

2009: Exit and Illness

-In late 2008 the band began discussions of once again revamping their sound and taking it to the next level. As work began on writing and recording a new album, things came to a halt when in March of 2009 Alex exits the band. Once again, the band finds themselves as a trio and a search for a new rhythm guitarist began.
-At this time, David also began to fall ill. This caused him to reconsider continuing as lead vocalist, if continue the band at all.
-After much prayer, it was agreed to find a second vocalist.


2010: Vocal Duo | Hiding Place

-Enter in Rod Kozikowski to fill the position of rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.
At first intended to take over all vocals, Rod and David found a unique vocal duo when combining both vocal styles. Leaving Rod as first lead vocal and David as second lead vocals.
-To reflect the vocal and musical changes, Promise Land quickly released a new single titled, ‘Hiding Place’. This song is based on the true story of Corrie tenBoom, a modern day hero of faith, based on her and her families action during WWII, specifically in hiding the Jews and facing imprisonment as a result, in holocaust camps.
-The reviews to Hiding Place were overwhelmingly positive and ignited a lot of new interest in the band, both in the U.S. and abroad.

2011 – 2012: Revamp

-David immediately began writing all new material to reflect the new sound. Basically starting from scratch, although some involved revamping their current material.
-With the economy in a downturn and shows becoming harder to book and finance; the guys decided to record a full length album first before taking the new show on the road.
-During this time, David also decided to build a small home studio where he would record, mix, master and produce the album with the help of Janette, his wife and business partner.

2013: Full Circle Bass

-Production on the album began. Writing and recording. However, no longer able to fulfill his duty on bass, Gary Bova exits the band.
-Production still continued with the album and David would also resume the bass recording and writing.
-With the album nearing completion, they guys decide not to officially replace the bassist position, but rather bring someone in to temporarily fill the position for live shows.  Enter in original Promise Land bassist, Eric Popp, to fill that position.

2014: Harmony In Ruins

-After a very long writing and recording process, and many uphill battles, Promise Land has created their best work to date with the long-awaited, highly anticipated album, “Harmony In Ruins”.
-While many would categorize it as ‘Symphonic/Progressive Metal’, David describes it as a new breed which he calls, “Orchestral Cinematic Metal”.  It’s modern, heavy, melodic, aggressive, cinematic/orchestral.

2015 -Present: New Line-up – Music Video – On the road again

-In late 2014, shortly after the release of ‘Harmony In Ruins’, the band was met with more changes when Eric Bowser, long-time Promise Land drummer had parted from the band. After a long search, in March of 2015, in comes Shawn Naeser to officially fill the position as Promise Land’s drummer.
-Their first endeavor with the new line-up would be to release Promise Land’s official music video for the song ‘C.I.U.‘ from their album ‘Harmony In Ruins’.
-After the video release and continued rehearsals the band performed, what the industry calls, a “Soft Open”, a unannounced show by which the band would perform to an unexpected audience. With those steps behind them, the band is officially ready to take their message/music once-again on the road; closing up 2016 with full scale show.
-There has also been a lot of preliminary work that has begun for their next album, which promises to be even more intense as their last.

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