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To All Of My Friends and others that can see this ….. There are bands that come around and write great songs …. HOWEVER !!!!!!
The picture you see before you is that of a band Promise Land (Official) that I have fallen “HEAD OVER HEALS IN LOVE WITH” This band which hails from Pittsburgh is a Christian Symphonic Metal Band that in my musical opinion has raised the bar !!! Please if you are a metal fan or not go to their page (see link above) and give them a listen .. You will not be dis-satisfied. The vocals of Rod KiXx Kozikowski and the amazing compositions of David Michael are amazing and flawless … I will be superbly surprised if major-label record companies don’t come knocking. God has truly blessed these gents with talents and abilities that can rival every act out there. CHECK EM’ OUT !!!!
~Jayme C (facebook)

I have really enjoyed my new Promise Land cd I got in the mail last night.. I can not stop listening to it. If you have not purchased the cd yet, YOU NEED TO, YOU WILL BE HAPPY YOU DID!!!!!!!!!
~Art E (facebook)

Been listening to the new Harmony in Ruins by Promise Land. It was not what i expected only better. It is a cd you need to listen to over and over again to gain greater understanding of the masterpiece that it is. Before the dawn is my favorite track.
~Tim S. (facebook)

I wanted to say I’m very happy for the CD! I love it, glad to have it! Very happy for all of you. Turned out awesome, rock’s hard & heavy. Don’t have words to say how great it is. All of it the music as well as art work & pic’s. All the topic’s you guy’s hit on. Was worth the wait over all the year’s. What is even best is you know the Lord’s hand is on it!!! May He continue to work through the CD & you guy’s!
~Jena B. (facebook)

Downloaded harmony in ruins off itunes . excellent job
~Sean B (facebook)

What an awesome discovery! Terrific album, guys! Congratulations, and much success for the glory of Jesus …
~Rob P (facebook)

Hey guys I just received my package and thank you for the kind message! Looking forward sharing your CD with my friends and showing off the awesome T-shirt:)
~Mike S (facebook)

Hi ! Thank for the add ! i’m really honored ! I sent you an email via your web site about your awesome new release “Harmony in ruins” ! Congratulations ! I hope that your album will be very soon on our radio show in Belgium ! Greetings from Belgium guys ! Painkiller METAL SHOW on RADIO
~Phil N (facebook)

Amazing band!! really….. God bless you guys
~Alejandro A. (facebook)

The hand of God is upon you guys. He has blessed you with an awesome talent. The Cd cover is out of this world. The website is dynamite. You guys are heaven sent to the Christian metal scene. A Christ centered band focused on delivering God message to every one who is willing to hear. God bless and keep on rocking for Christ.
~Raymond S (facebook)

It was excellent. The songs and lyrics compliment each other perfectly. Also love the symphonic elements as well as the instrumentals. Everything has its own place on the cd. Smooth. Great job. Very happy to have the cd.
~Bruce M (facebook)

Just Got a hold of Your Album on Spotify…Wow…What a Ministry…ROCK ON IN CHRIST! \ <3 / Blessings in Jesus Name for You Guys!
~Karla V (facebook)

This is some great music. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes and listen.
~Scott T (facebook)

Hey PL Guys!! Just wanted to not only congratulate you all on the new album; but also commend you guys for an amazing body of work!! Rarely does music make the hair on my arms stand up, but there are several on this album that did. I can’t name them because this happened on my first listen-through! Corey Taylor’s Stone Sour band are the only other band that did this to me; and even that was a year ago!! GREAT JOB BRO’S!!
~Jerry G (facebook)

Hey dude! I came home tonight to find a wonderful surprise in my mailbox. I’m cranking my copy of Harmony In Ruins now and it’s great! A job well done. \m/
~Kerrick K (facebook)

Breaking my Saturday tradition, I always listen to Pink Floyd’s The Wall with my morning coffee, today it’s Promise Land (Official) – Harmony In Ruins! What a great cd!!!!
So happy for David Michael and gang, they really hit a homer with this cd.
~Timothy R (facebook)

That cd is great!! I think I have listen to it 20 times already!!
~Dale H (facebook)







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