David Michael Bio


Lead Vocals 2, Lead Guitar, Keyboards and Composer

August 9th

Guitars: ESP LTD, Ibanez SA Series, Charvel Charvette
Amp: Peavey 5150
Cab: Peavey 4×12
Effects: Boss ML-2 Metal Core, ToneWorks Korg Processor, Boss TU-2 Tuner

Strings: GHS Boomers
Picks: Dunlop Tortex Sharp 1.0mm
Keyboard: Yamaha PSR-640, Orchestral Essentials

My Story

I grew up in a Christian home and I always knew about the Lord in a personal way. However, several years ago I went through a time of great depression and anger, which stemmed from several reasons; some my own doing, some not. This is what I refer to as my “dark time”. Now, for the sake of not wanting to ramble on too much,  let’s just say that I was out of control and headed down a seriously destructive path.

I remember pouring my heart out to God several nights, pleading with Him to take this anger and depression away. I was a Christian already so where was this peace and love that I always heard about? It seemed like God wasn’t’t helping me in my time of need, but then, He started leading me to read His word.

I was a believer and had strong convictions towards God, but truth be told, up to that point I had never really read the bible all the way through. I tended to listen more to others (i.e. Preachers, teachers, etc etc). However, it was when I started actually reading God’s Word that I began to see so much clearer and I saw how ‘alive’ His word was and IS. I also saw how some serious changes needed to be made in me and around, me. So, I began committing and applying His word into my life and before I knew it, my depression was leaving, my temper was becoming controllable and I was literally being transformed into a new person from the inside.

Now I realize that this story was suppose to be about when and how I came to Jesus, but I wanted to share with you my story that deals with struggles and hard times after I came to know the Lord.

You see, walking with God is not just some random salvation prayer that you say once, or some Sunday event you attend. It’s a life-time commitment that involves growth and learning, ups and downs and sacrifice. Sacrifice? Yes, it means dying to our old self so that our new self in Christ can take over and that can, at times, be easier said than done.

There is Salvation alone in Christ, but salvation does not mean a ‘fix’all’ one-moment event for all our life problems, but accepting Christ is a one-moment event when true changes can begin. Real Christianity means ‘picking up our cross daily’ and following the Lord. It means, commitment and it means applying God’s Word into our lives.

I’ve come to learn many things through my years walking with God. You’ve heard it said that God is love, but let me tell you, God’s love is not a ‘dance in a field of lilies’ kinda love, it’s more like a freight train smashing through! It’s a powerful love that is unconditional. It will smash us to bits and rebuild us onto a stronger unshakable foundation in Him.

Like any relationship, there can be many ups and downs in our personal walks with God, but be assured of this, He promises you in His word that He will never leave you nor forsake you. Even those times when you feel the most lonely, He promises to be there.